Aug 23 • 36M

Doomscroll #006: Rudy Giuliani needs your money

Writer and cultural critic Chrissy Stroop joins in

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Matthew Sheffield
Chrissy Stroop
Lots of people want to change the world. But how does change happen? History is filled with stories of people and institutions that spent big and devoted many resources to effect change but have little to show for it. By contrast, many societal developments have happened without forethought from anyone. And of course, change can be negative as well as positive. In each episode of this weekly program, Theory of Change host Matthew Sheffield delves deep with guests to discuss larger trends in politics, religion, media, and technology.
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Matt, Lisa, and guest Chrissy Stroop discuss:

00:36 — Rudy Giuliani is begging Donald Trump for money for his failed 2020 election lawsuits, but Trump hasn’t paid a cent so far

02:57 — Despite not getting his lawyering payout, Rudy is still making hundreds of thousands a year thanks to the miracle of “wingnut welfare”

05:37 — As Republicans gear up for their first presidential debate, Trump says he’s not going to go to any of them

11:13 — Jordan Peterson busted for turning negative reviews into positive blurbs for paperback edition of his latest book

15:10 — International Chess Federation bans trans women from women’s tournaments, wth?

22:31 — Cheems, the dog who inspired countless “Doge” memes passed away

23:57 — Woman says she gave $10,000 to man pretending to be a Stranger Things cast member

27:04 — A Christian nationalist coffee shop in Florida faces ridicule for misspelling a Bible reference on its plastic cups

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