Aug 16 • 36M

Doomscroll #005: We're not getting that billionaire death match

All the news that's unfit

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Matthew Sheffield
Lots of people want to change the world. But how does change happen? History is filled with stories of people and institutions that spent big and devoted many resources to effect change but have little to show for it. By contrast, many societal developments have happened without forethought from anyone. And of course, change can be negative as well as positive. In each episode of this weekly program, Theory of Change host Matthew Sheffield delves deep with guests to discuss larger trends in politics, religion, media, and technology.
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Lisa and Matt discuss:

00:08 — Elon Musk chickens out of his fight with Mark Zuckerberg while pretending he didn’t

04:45 — Las Vegas hotels dealing with bed bug infestations

07:38 — Ron DeSantis and allies spent $95k to pay off Iowa Christian Republican group

09:21 — DeSantis shuts down go-karts for a photo-op

13:57 — Donald Trump Junior’s very weird outdoor magazine

20:56 — People are making Donald Trump coloring books

23:16 — Arkansas Republican boasts she’s replacing little libraries’ LGBTQ books with Bibles

29:26 — Drake begs fans to stop throwing their bras at him

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